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Guardian Crossfit T-shirt Order

May 11, 2018

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am going to put in a T-shirt order and want to get a count(this greatly changes the price depending on how many we get). They are Anvil brand with a soft fabric and there are 3 options. Unisex anvil Jersey T-shirt(shown in the picture), Unisex Tank top(if you click on the link you can see the options in the bottom right corner), and a Women’s Jersey V-Neck.

For now I will take a count of who and how many each person wants along with size until COB 25MAY18. Then once I have a count I will get a final price and collect money from everyone.

Please Send me the information below to

1) What type of Shirt you want
2) How Many
3) Size

When I uploaded the picture it did not keep the white I am going to try to work with Custom Ink to get it fixed without adding to much cost. Right now we can plan for about $20/shirt plus or minus a few dollars.



Coach Chris Martin’s Going away!!

May 10, 2018

Good Morning we kick off today at 1130! My suggestion is to get there a bit early and start warming up!
Hope to see you all there! Email me with any question or concerns.

Please join us in honoring CDR Chris Martin on Thursday May 10th for his going away WOD.

Coach Chris started crossfit in 2009 and went on to get in L1 in 2010 and immediately started instructing at Guardian Crossfit. He officially took over the Box in 2012 and has given countless hours of work between coaching and running a box. He spearheaded the move to St. E’s and then again from the garage to the gym where we finally have a home to call our own.

Coaching and running a box require numerous volunteer hours that do not come with any extra in his paycheck, he clearly does it for the love of the sport and to make us all healthier, more fit Coastie’s. If you have taken any classes with him you know he is not a softie as a coach and makes us all better athletes one movement at a time.

CDR you have been instrumental to keeping Guardian Crossfit alive for all of us. You are leaving an amazing legacy behind and we cant thank you enough for all your Selfless dedication. Please let us know if retirement gets boring and you want to come back and Coach!?

Now on to the WOD
So I thought I would get some input as to what type of WOD he wanted.
I quote him “something Murph-esque with lots of wall balls” Later he identified Snatches as his favorite movement and “Randy” as his favorite WOD.
CDR I think I met both of those suggestions.

1 Mile Run (course to be announced)
75 wallballs 10’/9′ 20#/14#
75 Snatches 75#/55#
75 Pullups/Ring Rows
1 Mile Run

Please Please Do not let this workout intimidate you. It can be scaled, cut in 1/2 or done as a partner WOD.
This is about honoring an amazing Coach and getting in one last workout together before he is off to Retirement!
All are encouraged to attend

Oh and I almost forgot Donuts afterwards!
Who doesn’t love Donuts!

Coach Matt Perkins Going Away WOD Thursday 5/3/18

May 2, 2018

Good Morning Guardian Crossfit Community!

Please join the 0700 class for a farewell to one of our Coaches who has Selflessly led you all through some great workouts and who helped you further your fitness journey.

Coach Matt has spent 4 years participating in Crossfit classes and the last year being one of Guardian’s amazing coaches let’s see him off in typical CF fashion(with a grueling WOD). Matt is headed off to A/S Clearwater (try not to hold that against him I know its hard) so tomorrow is his last WOD with us.

Cleans 3X10 @60% of New 1RM

Ring Dips

Thank you Matt for all your dedication all of us at Guardian Crossfit wish you the best in your next adventure!

13 March

March 13, 2018

Please Sign up for SugarWOD if you have not already done so. It is a great free app! this will be our primary source of programming going forward. It also tracks your lifts, PR etc which will be very helpful heading into strength cycles. Plus it retains your information even if you leave our gym and move onto another one.

We will be starting a new cycle of strength on Monday March 19th for the following 6 weeks. This cycle we will be focusing on Front Squats.

Coach led warm-up

Strength: Deadlift
Deadlift for load:
#1: 5 reps @ 30%
#2: 5 reps @ 50%
#3: 5 reps @ 60%
#4: 4 reps @ 70%
#5: 4 reps @ 70%
#6: 2 reps @ 80%
#7: 4 reps @ 70%

5 rounds:

7 Front Squats ( 135/95#)
7 Push Jerk (135/95#)
15 Box Jumps ( 24/20in)

Then go right into:
400m Run(5 times around BB ball court or Treadmill)
Rest 30 sec
400m Run

Record total time


12 Mar 18

March 12, 2018

District CrossFit has agreed to let us use their box during their open gym times, which is 0800 to 1200 tomorrow morning.  Some folks from the 1130 class will be going at 0800 to attempt 18.3.

08 March

March 8, 2018

Squat clean

15 Thrusters (#95/65)
15 Bent Over Rows
15 Front Rack lunges
15 Pullups
4 laps around BB court/400m run on treadmill
10 Thrusters
10 Bent over rows
10 Front Rack lunges
10 Pullups
4 laps around BB court/400m run on treadmill
5 thrusters
5 Bent Over Rows
5 Front Rack lunges
4 laps around BB court/400m run on treadmill

Cash out=100 DU

07 March

March 7, 2018

Warmup, then:

Overhead squat

Jay Coon memorial WOD
2 min Max Pullups
Rest one minute
2 min Max Kettlebell Swings (#53/35)
Rest one minute
2 min Max Cals Row
Rest one minute
2 min Max Wall Balls (20/14#)
Rest one minute
2 min Max Reps Double Unders