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14 September 0700

September 14, 2016

One of our shipmates is helping a most deserving and wonderful human being get through stage 4 throat and neck cancer. In an effort to let her know she isn’t supporting him alone, I thought I’d whip up a little WOD to let the both of them know we are here at CGHQ to support them. Positive vibes, energy and prayers (if that’s your thing) will be on center stage at 0700. Wear your CG gear, we will take a picture afterwards so we can send it and some CG gear off to this dude so he can battle in style. 
And with that….. We will warmup as usual, and then…

WOD: The Burlingame Shuffle

As a crew…

3 Laps 20lb medal toss

Then individually….

  • 7X56 (392)single jump ropes
  • 11 Strict Pull ups

Cash out: (as a crew)

  • 56 breakdowns (it’s a football thang)
  • 14 tire flips (each)
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