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Monday, 29 Feb 2016 (1200)

February 29, 2016

Couple fun days ahead of us. For today, we are going to work some speed work and tomorrow we are going to take on CrossFit Games Open WOD 16.1 – so come on out and get your fitness on!!

4 laps

WOD: EMOM 30 –
Minute 0-9: 10 squats
Minute 10-19: 10 situps
Minute 20-29: 10 side throws

You will do these reps as fast as possible. No pacing!! We spend a lot of time pacing our movements, but that can result in us moving slower on a routine basis than we are capable of. We need to build speed! this is especially necessary for the Olympic lifts. I can pull #400 on a deadlift, but can only snatch #145..that is ridiculously low. It means I am not fast through the hips (and my technique sucks). At least one day a week, we want to work movements as fast as possible. I am going to do extra work each day to build speed and/or will lighten the RX weights to force me to go at full-out speed. If you feel like you are moving slow, or seem to not be able to push faster, then you need to build speed.

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