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Thursday, 15 Oct 2015 (1200)

October 15, 2015

Its “Big Legs Thursday”!!! Time to grow those quads and glutes!!!

500M row
warmup to heavy squat weight

WOD: AMRAP 20 – Front Squats
Minute 0-5: BW + #20/10
Minute 5-10: BW
Minute 10-15: BW – #20/10
Minute 15-20: BW

For today’s WOD, you will take the weight from a rack and complete as many front squats as you can in 20 minutes at the presribed weights – you can do them in any rep scheme you, doubles, triples, whatever.  For minutes 0-5, you will use your bodyweight + #20.  For me, that would be #205 on the bar. For minutes 5-10, reduce the weight to BW, For me, that would be #185, etc….this is going to be painful folks, but in time you will thank me…maybe…someday…

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